Hours of Operation: Monday - Saturday 9am - 6pm; Sunday by appointment only.

Beautiful Hair Extensions and Weaves

Many of our clients come to us wanting something new and exciting. Hair Extensions are a great way to completely transform your hair or enhance your current style. Extensions is the style of adding hair to your own hair through fusion, weaving, braiding, bonding, clips or a variety of other techniques. There are many options when it comes to hair extensions, many of which can be done at home without a professional. These types of extensions do not last as long as ones that are styled by someone that is licensed in the craft and has years of experience. The staff at Rose African Hair Braiding has compiled invaluable knowledge over their many years of experience and can you achieve the hairstyle that you’ve always wanted.

Extensions can oftentimes be cut, colored and styled just as your real hair can. They will also grow out at the same rate as your natural hair. If cared for and maintained, extensions should not damage your natural hair, although when applied by someone other than a professional there are some issues that many arise

When extensions are done improperly they can cause a variety of problems. We have worked on women that have attempted to create extensions themselves or have gone to an unprofessional salon. Many women form bald spots or thinning areas caused by heavy weaves pulling at their scalps. It is important to keep your real hair well-maintained under your weave or it may become matted and irreversible damage can occur. Hair extensions can be completely safe when they are done by a professional. Because of the possible issues that come from armature weaving, we suggest that everyone visits a salon for their extensions.

Hours of Operation

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  • Sunday By Appointment

Our goal as professionals is to create a weave or extension that you will love to wear! If you’re looking to enhance your natural hair, then our extensions are perfect for you. Your hair will look fuller and longer once we are finished. In additional enhancing your natural look, we can also radically change your style! Whatever end of the spectrum you fall into, the professional stylists at Rose African Hair Braiding can help you. Contact us in Mattapan, MA today for an appointment.