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African Hair Braiding Styles


Cornrows are a traditional African style of hair where it is braided close to the scalp, using a underhand upward motion to produce rows that are continuous and raised.

Single Braids

Also known as individual braids, this technique provides a neat and professional look while still keeping your individual style.

Single Invisible Braids

Invisible braids are a kind of hairstyle in which strands of your hair are braided so small that they appear as single strands of hair.

Crochet Braids

Once the cornrows are in place, we will feed extension hair through your braids using a latch hook or bead feeder.


Depending on the texture of your hair there are a variety of ways that dreadlocks can be achieved.

Silky Dreadlocks

Silky dreads are a method of getting the result of dreadlocks quickly by wrapping your hair around synthetic silky dreadlocks.

Goddess Braids

This style of braiding is designed to lay flat on the scalp in a variety of patterns. The free end of hair is then styled into a finished look.

Box Braids

This type of hair extension is a style that has been gaining a rapid increase in popularity lately. They are similar to invisible braids, although they are done with synthetic hair rather than natural hair.


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